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Immigration Day - SC1B

Immigration Day - SC1B

"We were very proud of our peers, the majority of who opened up and shared details about themselves that put them in a vulnerable situation, not only in front of their peers but strangers from a foreign country. It was an eye opening experience that removed any barriers between us based off of culture, race, or even language. It allowed us to come together on a more basic and human level and see each other for the individuals that we are." ... READ MORE

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Redefining Poverty

Hello to the loved ones back home and to those that are tuning in to these daily blogs, This is Daniel Mandujano and Daicy Perez, we want to start off by telling that we had a very interesting day. Todays theme was deconstructing poverty and to understand the meaning of poverty. We went to a local dump just outside of san cristobal, we met many... READ MORE

Adventure Fun Day

Hello everyone, this is Morgan Barreras and Bailey Merryman. Today, we were LDDs for our beach day. Thankfully everyone (excluding Kim) was able to come on this adventure to El Quemaito Beach with us today and experience the extremely salty ocean water. We had breakfast on the bus accompanied by some music that had us all singing and dancing.... READ MORE

Global Business and Deconstruction of Poverty Day

Que lo que (or what’s up here in the DR), my name is Anna Fox and I have the pleasure to tell you all about Global Business and Deconstruction of Poverty Day. This day was a little different than others in the vein that it was heavier day. We had the privilege of touring a sugar plantation here on the island and saw everything from where the... READ MORE

Free Day #2

*This post is a day late due to internet connectivity issues Hello my name is Raezhelle Madison and for August 3rd I was the Lider del Dia (Leader of the Day). At 8:30am I went around Casa Roja waking up the rest of the delegation. We followed wake up call with breakfast that was fruit from teh lovely restaurant of La Favorita. After breakfast we... READ MORE

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