Greetings families, friends, and all that are here! As today’s Leaders of the Day – Jemma and Tyler- we are excited to share today’s story. We had an early start at around 6:30 this morning… Tyler accidentally woke people up early but it’s all good and hopefully no one is too grumpy πŸ™‚ After breakfast, we split into two groups: one group to go to the Chimborazo volcano and the other to stay in Riobamba. On our bus ride to Chimborazo, our guides Juan and Alfredo taught us about the native plants and animals living in the region as well as inviting us to join in a traditional song. We also joined our guides in thanking god and nature before arriving at base camp. We got really lucky with the weather today and were able to get a breathtaking view, visually and literally of Chimborazo (the first refuge was 15,895 feet above sea level!). Fun fact: Chimborazo is the closest point to the sun on earth!

While the Chimborazo group was huffing and puffing up the mountain, the other group that stayed had fun in the city. Originally, the group planned on going to a museum of conception but unfortunately, it was closed. Instead, the group, led by Pookie Paco, went to a nunnery and saw lots of art worth millions of dollars. Coincidentally, they ended up running into Paco’s family and they all got matching bracelets.

To end off the day, we had our last dinner at Isabel’s and we had empanadas (Tyler is very happy). After we had a final karaoke and dance party (Jemma is very happy). And finally we passed off the leader of the day torch to Jordan and Zoe.

^ Alfredo and the Chimborazo crew at an obelisk near the first refuge

^ Riobamba crew with Pookie Paco <3