Hi guys ! I’m Alize Martinez, most people usually have a hard time pronouncing it so i usually just go by Ally:). I go to Freedom High School in Oakley . I’m the junior vice president & and part of the class cabinet  ( so i’m very involved with class events). i’m also part of National Honor society , i’v been doing tons of community service this past year. Usually during my summers i would do various community service events in the city of oakley. When i first heard that i was nominated to apply for this i was shocked and never thought i would have been chosen. I enrolled into the global glimpse program because I believe i can really benefit from this trip. I’m very shy, and I want to learn social skills to get out of my comfort zone start to be outgoing more and be independent. I also never been out of U.S. before , so this will be a huge reality change for me to see what others go through in a different country. i also enjoying helping people in need, I’m very kind & a hard worker . I can’t wait to see what Nicaragua is like and to meet the amazing people there. i’m so excited to experience this trip with you guys! I can’t wait to meet you all and to have such a great time on this trip:) 15 more days 🙂

add me on ig @ alize_cristall or fb @ alize.martinez1 so we can get to know each other a little before the trip(: