Hello everyone, my name is William Shepherd and I was the leader of the day during the third day of our CAP project. Today we woke up at 6:45, after eating we headed down to San Roman to finish up our various projects. On the way to the site we bought last minute supplies. When we finally arrived everyone immediately got back to work diligently working against the clock. Despite it being our last day to finish CAP everyone was able to produce amazing works of what ended up being art whether it was the road sign or the shelves. The community members worked in tandem with the Global Glimpse participates in the goal of improving the effectiveness Mujeres Del Plomo’s mission. As the morning went on the road sign was varnished to protect it from the future weather. Next the sign was nailed to the posts and we went to work setting the sign. After the sign was in place with rocks to keep it straight we started the surprisingly, extremely fun task of mixing cement by hand. Simultaneously the painting crew finished applying the second coat, making sure that the colors would truly brighten the shop. Similarly the shelve crew applied their finishing touches to the paint as well as strengthened the shelve using brackets bought this morning on the way to San Ramon. With the finishing touch being the palm leaves which were woven into a beautiful backdrop for the shelves.


As we left Mujeres Del Plomo the sense of accomplishment was nearly tangible in air around us. The ecstatic countenances that were evident on the women of Mujeres Del Plomo was the most uplifting ending to a day a of work that has forever changed the us. The energy of the group was extremely high as we finished the CAP project, however our spirits stayed high throughout the rest of the day knowing how much we helped out the Mujeres Del Plomo. Helping a community in a sustainable way can often seem hard and complicated when brainstorming. However, the pay off of such a task is momentous and has brought as closer to the community as well as to each other.



Looking forward the group is excited to have a fun day tomorrow and enjoy the last few days of our journey. However, we also look forward to taking all the things we have learned back to our homes and spreading them through our communities. We have talked about the changes we have experienced and how we genuinely have changed both in our perspectives as well as aspirations. The CAP project not only helped the community, but also helped us better understand the role we have in being an influential force in society.


(Matt’s Note: Sorry for the lack of more photos of our work on the CAP; experiencing some connectivity errors trying to upload photos of Glimpsers painting, assembling shelves, mixing concrete, and mounting signposts – see this and previous posts for a better idea of the scale of this amazing project!)