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Today was a different day for the students, because they had the opportunity to discover more about Dominican culture through movement. I love dancing so I was excited to be the leader of the day for this activity. El Rancho Campeche is a difficult sight for the students so it was fun to see their faces come to life even through the heat. Our ambassador for the day led us through a wonderful dance routine, which had the group bursting out in laughter, and also helped them to realize that it is okay to make a fool out of yourself in the name of cultural discovery!

The fun continued at the Fundacion Solnaciente where we got the opportunity to learn about country’s African roots. The Atabales group was excited to show us the rhythm of the palo drums and led us through a jam session that had us ‘dancing for days’. We learned that the group aspires to show that atabales is as essential to Dominican culture as bachata and meringue.

By the end of the day the students were tired but could not go to bed before sharing a final dance session with the locals on the ranch. Like most embarrassing parents we joined them to demonstrate our exquisite moves. After all the Leaders have to have fun too you know!

Hasta Luego!


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