Hola my name is Irma Chavez I’m from Hayward, CA and I was the leader of the day for our second Community Action Project day.

I knocked on everyone’s door at 6:15 a.m. and knocked again at 6:30 a.m. to make sure everyone was up. We had breakfast at 7 where we had gallo pinto with sweet plantain and cheese on the side. To be honest I’m getting tired of gallo pinto but it’s okay it’s still good food. Once we finished breakfast Brett led a stretch to get us energized for our day. We got on the bus and went toward Fundación Cristal for our work filled day.

We got to the school and started taking out our materials, we had so many locals come and help work on our project today it was amazing. Some people were painting tires, some were working on the stage, and others helped level out land. Everyone was working so hard up until lunch when we took a break. The locals had a bbq for us and everyone who helped, which was really sweet of them. After everyone ate we had a quick energizer that included the locals. They seemed to really enjoy it and had a good laugh. After the energizer we went back to work, but sadly most of our helpers left but we were all still grateful they came out on their day off to help work with us and try to finish this park.

We keep working all day till 5:30 p.m. where we put all the tools and materials away for the day. We got home, took showers since we all really needed one and went out for dinner. For dinner we had like a boiled egg mixed with avocado thing that was actually good with rice and beans on the side. Then we had our nightly meeting where we talked about our thorn and rose of the day, we talked about the question of the day and the group gave me a wish and a plus so I can improve my leadership skills which I appreciate. I passed the torch to Albert and now we have free time.

I didn’t think I would be a good leader but I’m proud of myself and my leadership skills and I got good feedback from the group, so thanks guys for feeding my ego. Today was a good day, I enjoyed waking everyone up in the morning and working on this park; I’m so excited to see our park done and have everyone be happy with what we accomplished. We only have a few more days left here in Esteli so we have to get busy, work and enjoy our time together

Thanks for reading. I can wait to go home to my family and tell them about all the amazing things I’ve done here!!!!

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Check back tonight for new pictures of the CAP! Tomorrow is our last free day and we will get to call you all again! Don’t forget our flight gets in on Thursday at midnight!

E1C over and out!

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