Buenas noches glimpsers familias!

Today was day four of our journey which we started off with a large cup of carrot juice. These pasts breakfasts have been blessed with fresh squeezed juices like passion fruit and strawberry, homemade by Dilenia’s crew. The meals we have been eating have been such a blessing to myself and the other glimpsers. Big love to Dilenia!

We moved onwards to a local farm in Tireo, to learn more about agriculture in the Dominican Republic and their impact on the community and in The States. Juanryes,  one of the farmers we met, gave us a tour and depicted life as an agricultor which we got to slightly experience through spending a few hours in the sun and in places like the greenhouse. Working in these types of harsh environments is just another day for most Dominicans, I could tell a lot of the glimpsers gained a lot of perspective and myself included, will think twice about complaining about doing the dishes. Our venture was extremely interesting and I absolutely loved spending time outside learning and making connections between life in the DR and The States. Life is very different here but at the same time, part of me has never felt more at home. We are much more interconnected than we think.

Lastly, our first English class was today! Luis and I were assigned to a beginners speakers class which was scary at first because of my very basic Spanish skills! However, our class went so wonderfully! Luis drifted towards the older students who caught up more quickly while I hung back with a handful of little boys who were as clueless about English as I was to Spanish. I was surprised to how understanding the students were to our lack of communication through speaking,  however, the language barrier stood no chance in getting in-between the immediate connections we all cultivated.

My rose of the day was getting to learn more about subjects that I am super passionate about and getting to know Dominican culture more and more. However, my thorn was not hearing more blog comments from you all in our nightly meeting! Please don’t keep my thorn growing, we love hearing from you all!

Much love to Momma, Papa, Diego, Devan and many more! I love you guys so much and cant wait to tell you more about what this trip is like. Hope you guys are well, love you. Will call as soon as I can 🙂