Today I had the privilege of being El lider del dia, or leader of the day.We started off the day with breakfast at Cafe del Tren. Breakfast was oatmeal, hot chocolate, and bread with jam. After breakfast we then came back to the hostal and went through stations presented by Roberto from Utopia, which is an organization that works to bring consumers and agriculture together.  After we discussed the negative and positive ingredients in foods, we learned that labels in Ecuador have a chart that shows if the product is high, low,or medium in salt and sugar.IMG_4368

After our stations with Roberto, we went to a local market to compare prices, products, and from where they are exported. We took a public bus for 25 cents each to a  grocery store called Super Maxi where we compared the prices of the items found there to the prices at the local market. On our way back from Super Maxi we took taxis to the restaurant where we eat lunch and dinner every day. At lunch, we were invited to play games by our new friend Nelson who is twelve years old and has an adorable two month old puppy.After our time with Nelson and his puppy, we came back to the hostal and had an hour and a half of free time where we gathered in a common area and played games, danced, and had friendly competitions. After free time, we had our first seminar on how we will be teaching English. We also found out who we will be teaching based on our current level in Spanish. IMG_4358 IMG_4360

Lastly, I want to give a shoutout to My MOM and all of my family. I love and miss you all. I am having a great time here and have enjoyed trying new things including the worms, which were actually very tasty.