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Today I was the  first El Lider Del Dia (ELDD). The first two days we had our Global Gimpse liders (GGL) modeling how to be ELDD, which seems easy from our point of view. Being ELDD was the most amazing and challenging part of the trip so far. The cool part about it is that you get to lead the group for one day, which allowed me to see the struggles of our leaders. Sometimes it was hard to get everyone’s attention. But we just had to do the headcount to get everyone in.

Today was Aid & Development day. We woke up at six and had a great breakfast at El Comedor ( Cheese and cream, beans, egg and tortillas ^-^). After our delicious breakfast, we went to visits La Fundadora. We also met some volunteers, Nereyda Gonzalez, Stuart Li and Guadalupe Castro, who talked to us about the experience  working there. After we heard the amazing presentations we had a little tour where we got to see the amazing views and experience first hand, the work that they do.

Around 8:30 we had another trip to Jose Dolores Rivera School, the school that we are going to be working  on. We got to learned about the school structure and way of working. We also learned about the student that go to that school. After our tour on the school we did a energizer at the school’s basketball court. Which helped us to work together to create many ways of making something work. Today we also had a little view on how to be teachers. We feel really excited to start and to start working with the students. We’re looking forward to getting to know each student to help them and have fun!