Though we were supposed to start our day with a delicious breakfast at 7:00 schedule charnges made this imposible and we began our day with an informational seminar. However, at 7:30 we were surprised with a delicious breakfast of pancakes and watermelon. We then went straight to a reinforcement school that consisted of young children. It was here that we learned the conditions these students learned in and the lengths they had to travel just to get an education that many people from the states take for granted. These children were very enthusiastic to see a bus full of foreigners arrive with a piƱata and presents. It was also bring your dog to school day which was very dificult because we are not allowed to touch the dogs. Later in the day we met many students that took part in a program called Access. These students have been learning English everyday for six months afterschool. We got to ask them questions and get to know them which was really interesting. Many of these students desired higher education and had a thirst for knowledge. At 6:00 in the evening we had our second day of english tutoring and we were surprised to see these same Access students come to our lessons. Overall the day was very informative and a lot of fun. We had a great time being el leaders del dia. p.s glimpsers went crazy when they found out Kevin Durant went to the Golden State Warriors!

-Bella and Nasir