del2 history


To support student’s adjustment we began our day with a hotel orientation and a culture and safety seminar. Now students feel better prepared for their 18 day challenge as young global leaders. There they agreed to remain open-minded, willing to learn and grow.

Today I was re-inspired by student’s personal stories. Much of what they shared helped me to understand their role as young leaders. Many of them shared their commitment to change injustice and a willingness to step up as global citizens. Some critical thoughts were shared at our nightly meeting, ones that reflected our theme of the day—History. Today students were asked about Moca’s history and its influence in shaping its national image, justification for or against the use of violence to achieve peace or democracy, and the conscious use of power.

Our Moca tour was filled with interesting facts about people and places. Students learned about Trujillo’s dictatorship, heroes that transformed the course of history and important monuments that represent Moca’s pride. We are looking forward to this new adventure together!