Today was Aid and Development day, and it turned out to be amazing. We started off by waking up at 7:00 am, and walked to Cafe del Tren to enjoy our wonderful breakfast as we do every morning. From there we had our Aid and development mental warm up, everyone was very involved when learning about the positives and negatives when dealing with foreign aid. Once we were done, we had the honor of Wellington Aguirre coming to the hostel and speaking to us about the different development projects he has been involved in over the past years. Something I took away from the discussion was, in order for developments to succeed  you have to get to know the person and the community rather then their capital. Once we finished our discussion, we headed off to El Batan where we met Isabel’s cousin, Lurena who owned an amazing farm .  This was an experience my fellow global Glimpsers and I will always remember, and be grateful for having the opportunity to see where fresh food comes from. At the farm we were able to learn about the different processes of agriculture, as well as the difficulties that come along with it. The afternoon consisted of dancing and laughing with Isabel’s family and friends, as well as eating some of the delicious produce grown on the farm  and prepared by Lurena. I also was  able to dress in traditional indigenous clothing along with my roommate Kierra . We ended the day by going to the park and playing futbol and volleyball with Isabel’s family. We then returned to the hostel for a pizza night while watching the Olympics. Overall being El leader Del Dia was an amazing and rewarding opportunity. I  lead such an amazing group of people which made my day as ELDD easier then I thought. We have a week and a half left in Riobamba and I know the rest of our days here will be just as eventful and rewarding.  20160807_14070720160807_12252620160807_113714