We’ve finally made it to Riobamba!

After 37 hours of travel (which included sleeping in the airport camp-style in cot beds, free breakfast vouchers, lots of snacks and goodies, and a 5 hour bus ride through lightning, rain, and traffic), we are safely at our accommodations at Hotel La Primavera. We got our rooms and then had a delicious meal which included soup, chicken and rice, and chocolate cake. After that, we had a short seminar about the expectations and rules for the trip and a condensed nightly meeting to round out the evening. Now, everyone is safely in their beds ready for their well-deserved sleep after our crazy travel.

Big love to Nacho and Paco (our PCs in country) who were so flexible and organized in helping us change the itinerary last minute and for being super welcoming. Also shout outs to our bus driver Don German, our hotel staff, and our health coordinator for checking in and keeping us safe.

To our students: your resilience and ability to go with the flow despite being tired, hungry, and confused was so appreciated. We are so lucky to be your GGLs!

Onward to Day 2 (finally)!