Hii families and friends!

It’s Angie here to give you guys a full report on our glimpsers day and what my experience was as a leader.

Today we went to Rio Grande to finish up our CAP (community action projects). Us glimpsers, as well as the community did the finishing touches on their sign. We had an amazing time with the community. We played with the kids and had tons of fun having a paint fight! We were also able to complete the water piping project and build a protection barrier to make sure that people aren’t able to mess with the mother pipe. Lot’s of people had time to say goodbye to their hosts families. I unfortunately didn’t get to due to me fulfilling my duties as LDD.  When we got back from Rio Grande we had self reflection and filled out our final evaluation. Then we had free time. People either went to the store to buy snacks and souvenirs, some went and played basketball, and others hanged out and packed. Then we had our nightly meeting and dinner. Through today I learned that teamwork is the key to success because we finished the sign and the water pipes in three days. I was inspired to help others because of the community that we worked with.

Today as a leader, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and successfully lead my friends. I was really good at projecting my voice and I was very energetic. One thing I could have improved on today was remembering to bring the supplies to Rio Grande because we forgot them and had to come back. Through this experience my leadership skills have improved drastically. I believe it will help me in the future because it will allow me to get jobs and work with new people.

This trip so far has been very fun and eye opening. i have enjoyed meeting everyone on this trip. I’ve enjoyed going to Rio Grande and interacting with the members of the community. I’ve specifically like meeting and getting to know my host family. I’m looking forward to reflecting on this experience tomorrow in seminar. I am also looking forward to going home and seeing my family again and seeing the new house. That’s all for now see you guys soon.

Angie out!!!