Being leader of the day day was a great experience. Most importantly because it was the second free day and other glimpsers including myself had another chance to buy more souvenirs for our loved ones back home. It was a rainy day but it didn’t stop us from being late and getting to know more about the country by visiting new places and getting to know more people. I really enjoyed the conversations I was involved in and seeing the group united, making jokes, and making more memories. It was 2 of the glimpsers birthday today! Shout out to Francis and Ronny!! During dinner the owner of La Favorita Center, Don Carlos, had a surprise party for them with a cake, piñata, music, & tons of birthday love and blessings. From the first day to now there’s a big difference. Some of us barely knew each other, most of us did , and to see the change to how it is now is amazing! everybody having one on one talks, group talks, etc makes me really content to see all of us together. Now that the end of the trip is almost here it’s going to be really emotional,personally , since we’re a family that can never be broken.