Dear family and friends,

We are Abhinav, Catey, and Giang, your leaders of the day. Today was CAP day two. We continued working on the stables, and started packing the coffee that we are going to be bringing home.

We woke up at 7 am, had breakfast at 8, and then left for the Federation.  When we arrived, we rejuvenated ourselves with coffee, and then split up into groups.  One group finished painting the roofs with antirust paint, while another group helped the locals prop up support pillars and walls.  The group that worked on the feeders yesterday sorted, roasted, and packaged coffee.

Lunch was at half past twelve, and we had beans, rice, pork, pasta salad, eggplant, and lemonade.  It started raining right before we returned to work, but everyone put on windbreakers and ponchos, and we persevered.  While the stabled were not quite finished, we made substantial progress.

When we returned we had an hour of English tutoring prep, followed by our last two hours of tutoring.  We ended our classes strong with a pizza party, and took photos.  After, we had a rice pudding dinner, followed by finishing our letters of appreciation and the nightly meeting, where we passed the torch to Harris and Rhay for our final reflection day.