Good day! Today the Global Glimpse students went back to the CAP (Community Action Project) worksite to continue working on a water treatment system. We worked until around 3:15 PM and have made great progress up until now. As the Leader of the Day, I’ve made sure that sure that everyone is properly fed, hydrated, and protected from the sun. From what I’ve heard, the saltine crackers are a favorite among us! We look forward to seeing some of the students when we return the next day. Some of them come from all around the Dominican Republic, and others travelled from Haiti. We’re probably not allowed to have favorites, but Francisco and Sebastian are my favorites. I’m not sorry for that. All the students are great though, and I hope to see them again tomorrow.

The rest of the day we spent relaxing and cleaning up to prepare for the next day. We’re ready to finish our work the next day. Currently, we’re almost done with the CAP. After we finish the water treatment pit, filling with sand, and painting the barrels, we’ll be done. Afterwards, we might spend some time by the waterfall for fun, go to the city to shop, or something else of the sort. As we count down the days until we come back, we hope to end this trip off on a good note. Until tomorrow!