Greetings Family and Friends!

Today was our first full day in Riobamba and it was a amazing day!  We started our day bright and early (730am) and then walked to breakfast!  We had an amazing home cooked breakfast of eggs, toast, juices and fruit!  Some of us liked the carrot juice, others just tried it!  We then walked back to the hotel where we met as a group to talk about our group agreement – the principles that we want to guide us on our trip!  We then played a game of charades to help bring home some of the important topics that students may need to know while in Ecuador.  We played in teams and everyone had a terrific time bonding, playing and of course learning!

Michael explaining to the group the meaning of his topic

Jocee and Valeria playing to the crowd!


Ramon, Lencho, Jax and Aditya playing the game!

After a delicious lunch fish, chicken soup, rice, salad and fruit juices (delicious blackberry juice!) we walked to a bull fighting ring where we learned about how Ecuador has a strong tradition of bull fighting especially in Riobamba.  The ring we visited can hold up to 10,000 people!!!  It was amazing!

Listening to the history of bull fighting in Ecuador

Jax and Lencho playing in the bull fighting ring!


Rose, Jocee and Max ready to charge!

After our tour of the bull fighting ring, it was time for us to get the purpose of the day – learning about the history of Ecuador and what better way to do it than a scavenger hunt!!  The Glimpers were placed into four teams (each with a GG Leader) and were given questions (and an old fashioned map) about Ecuador!!  The only way they could get this information was to ask a local!  We were so proud of the Glimpsers!  They were so engaging, fun and inquisitive!  They met so many people!  The people of Ecuador are warm, friendly and very helpful!  It was an amazing way to explore the city, learn about history while being able to interact with the locals!

Sandra, Gina, Anson, Michael, Carla and Karla ready for a challenge!

Paul (one of our amazing program coordinators!) Samantha, Jocee, Natalie, Jax and Ramon on the hunt!! (Lencho and Max too!)

At the end of the “hunt” we all met in a beautiful local park to reflect on what we saw, how we felt and what the day meant to us.

Group shot at Maldonado Park!

After the park, we had another amazing dinner!!!  Every meal is delicious, healthy and natural!  Tonight was roasted chicken, salad, rice, fruit juices and tea!


After dinner, we spent time reflecting on the day and looking forward to tomorrow – Culture and Indigenous Worldview!

Goodnight everyone!  Everyone here misses you and sends their love!