Hola, familia back home!

Today was a great day! After breakfast, we started on the 4-hour bus ride to Riobamba.  During the bus ride, we witnessed beautiful scenery, including farmland, cows, a llama, street vendors, and colorful graffiti.  The houses built into the mountainside are beautiful and colorful, and are reminiscent of Brazilian favelas.  Every object or person we passed by just added to our collective first impressions of Ecuador.  The infrastructure is great.  Simple family homes made of concrete line the roads.  Today is Sunday, which means there was not a lot of auto traffic. We arrived at our hostel safely and on schedule.  The staff here at the Hostal Primavera is so nice!

In the afternoon, we had our favorite activity of the day – learning indigenous dances! A local dance troupe taught us various cultural dances from all over Ecuador.  My favorite was seeing the boys get to boogie down while rocking alpaca fur chaps!  Jason, Drake, Ricardo, and Memo were all smiles and really seemed to enjoy the dance.  Zandra, Paloma, Joan May, Carolina, and Lluvia looked beautiful in their indigenous skirts and danced their hearts out!

Today’s question of the day was, “How can you make the most out of every single day in Ecuador?”  I think the way the group approached today’s activities gave our answer.  All the students were open-minded, willing to try new things, approached tasks with energy and passion, and above all else, had fun!!! The students are having a great time getting to know each other.  They’re all laughs and enjoy playing ice-breakers with each other.  We look forward to an amazing trip with this all-star delegation!