Good day everyone!

My name is Jordan Delos Reyes. I’m a rising senior at Independence High School. I have a multitude of interests including tutoring, computer science, music, journaling, and language learning. I’m the type of guy who wears roughly the exact same attire everyday at school, so you’d probably sense me a mile away. Nonetheless, I’m very excited to be with you all for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

I was recommended to go on this trip (not sure by who) and so I applied. I love learning more about new cultures while also improving my understanding of the Spanish-speaking world. I’ve been outside of my hometown only a few select times, And have only been outside the U.S. once. I want to know what it is like to be in a setting that is, unfortunately, less privileged and help that community in the limited time I’m given. I also want to be a much more sociable and courageous leader, to not only my cohort, but also to my loved ones at home. I hope everyone has an amazing experience on this trip.