Hello Everyone,

Jordan and Amelia here. We are the first LDD’s (leaders of the day) of the trip.

We started our day by visiting the local dump in Buena Vista (a small town within Jarabacoa). We met two local buzos (dump workers) who shared stories of their lives with our group. One worker, James, searches the dump for food, while Daven looks for clothing he can send back to his family in Haiti.

After the brief trip to the dump, we headed back to our hostel. We had a full group discussion about poverty, specifically debriefing the events we experienced and the people we met.

After the discussion, we had free time and later headed to a waterfall. Once we arrived we hiked 15 minutes to a beautiful area with crisp, cool water. The entire group swam for 2 hours until we headed back.

Overall, it was an interesting, and informative day. The group had a lot of fun and we are looking forward to visiting Plan Yaque and our community action project site tomorrow.

Thanks for reading! See you here tomorrow.