Welcome back everyone to another episode that is almost at the finale. 🙁 HAPPY 4th OF JULY!! Guillermina and Gabriela are the leaders of day 12. We finished up CAP Delivery in 3 days by painting, picking up trash, and planting. Us having to work hard on the project, and having to do teamwork with each other brought us closer.

This morning we had to wake up at 7:00 AM and knock on each of the rooms, but a funny story of today was that we had forgotten to wake up one of the rooms because we didn’t know what room they were in, and had knocked on the wrong door. In the end, we found out which room they were in. Then we had breakfast at 8:00 AM. We ate scrambled eggs, toasted bread, papaya, and also meatloaf, and the drink was chinola . After that, we got everything ready to head out to our next location, getting the water, dishes, and snacks ready.

We had transportation to La Escuela Manuel Tiburcio. We had some students of Escuela de Arte de Jarabacoa who were helping us, and also some of the students from the local community. The students were amazing students to work with and we all really enjoyed and loved all of them. After settling in we continued finishing the paintings. After we were done with it, we did some planting, and we picked up the trash that was around the school. We had lunch that which was rice, fried chicken, and bananas. Then we went back to work. At the end of finishing up we had BIG LOVE to the Plan YAQUE, and had our last goodbyes around the school, and the people of the community.

Once we were done with everything in the school, we headed back to the hostel. We rested for some minutes, and had free time, where we went shopping, got ice cream, and even ice coffee. We went back to the hostel and had dinner. We had burgers, french fries, and of drink was coca cola, and for dessert, we had a cake for the 4th of JULY.

See you all on the last day…..