¡Hola a todos!

I’m happy to announce that all of the students and GLLs (Global Glimpse Leaders) arrived safe and sound in Costa Rica today! We’re all here at our beautiful home base in Aquiares! 🙂

The group landed at 12:15, we quickly put all their luggage on the bus, picked up some McDonald’s and Quiznos for lunch, and then made our way straight to Turrialba. This is a big group! 20 students! And the energy is definitely high!! We just finished a quick nightly meeting and now some of the students are playing cards and bonding while they wait for their turn to shower and refresh after a long day of traveling.

Tomorrow will be our first full day in Turri, and we’re going to be learning about the history of the town while we walk around with our guest tour guide, Memo.

Parents: please remember the students won’t be allowed to call daily, so stay tuned for Day 7 of the trip when they’ll get to call for a few minutes (and make sure to read the blog every night!).