Free Day! Yay!

Today was a day for ourselves: myself and the other glimpsers visited the city again but today it was just us students and leaders. Our PC’s were seriously missed! Our day started at 8am, while some of my roommates woke up at 6:30 because my watch was set two hours ahead. Sorry roomies! For breakfast we had veggie eggs, empanadas, fruit bowl and, my absolute favorite, cinnamon tea. Our schedule got a bit mixed up but nothing new (throwback to our travel day lol). After breakfast we headed to the meeting room to start our letters of appreciation drafts. We all can relate that we had so much to say but the postcards were so tiny. After relaxing for an hour, we finally got to head out into the city. Woo! Heading into four different taxis and each group asking the drivers to turn on their mile meter so we wouldn’t be scammed. Once we hopped out of the car, we didn’t waste time and quickly started negotiating with the sellers, well Eduardo did the negotiating. He even helped the rest of us glimpsers. We were happy with even just a fifty cent deduction. We couldn’t go to the city without ordering some cholas, so we ordered thirty-three pieces! They were gone after a few minutes. Then we walked for fifteen minutes to Paris Café (my favorite destination). The menu had a variety of food, from pasta to burritos to coffee to crepes. And best of all, there was a bathroom. The day soon came to an end, with some doubt, we successfully made it around the city and crossing the streets with crazy taxi drivers.

Today’s question of the day: What does responsibility mean to you?

As previously stated, today was off schedule but everyone was understanding that things like this happen, so we went with the flow. We were all nervous about exploring a foreign country. We all worked as a team, the leaders reminded me about head counts, the time left in every zone, and the next destination. For the students, we were responsible enough to understand the importance of staying with our buddies, the amount of money to spend, and communicate with one another. Responsibility isn’t always about looking for your best intention but the best intention for the people around you. As the leader of Free Day, I really understood the importance of responsibly.

Tonight’s nightly meeting we decided on our CAP project. Our plans is that we will clean up and decorate the sign area, repaint the soccer and volleyball field, but we scratched off painting the community room (imply because the time we have isn’t realistic to get everything done). Nonetheless, we will be putting every sweat into making a change.

I passed off the torch of to Fiona who you will be hearing from tomorrow.

Big love to Orion for letting me use his camera today, I got so many good pictures so thank you again!!!