Hola todos, nosotros somos John y Quintin, los liders del dia para el dia cuatro. Today was a great day with all of the Glimpsers and their new experiences with the way that locals work on the coffee plantation called Vivero de Cafe. There we helped the small team with moving coffee plants and dumping dirt from the bad produce and moving the dirt bags as well. Everyone involved had proof with their dirty clothes and their shoes.  Though exhausted, everyone managed to keep working until the end. Big love to Miguel and his team of hardworking people for trusting us with his produce, his equipment, and for getting the job done correctly. We also learned a lot about coffee beans in the coffee factory, and what it brings to the Dominican economy. We learned how coffee beans get exported to other countries and how the coffee business industry works. We also learned how the factory takes great pride in the quality of every single bean.


Today we bonded more and had stupendous communication. During the daily self-reflections, the glimpsers had immersive conversations, especially during our special icebreaker game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, But With a Twist! It was very fun. As the glimpsers were progressing on the trip they have taken to explore the city, where they interacted with close locals such as the cashiers at the supermarket and the ice cream shop. Day 4 flew past us with tremendous fun, we cannot believe that these many days have passed already and we have already become extremely close and learned a lot about Jarabacoa. We cannot wait for what day 5 has in store for us with our new leaders, Cequan and Manny.