Our group at the school today with some teachers and the school principal!

Today we started our first two phases of our Community Action Project. What the Community Action Project or CAP  aims to achieve is strengthening community bonds and build teamwork skills within our Global Glimpse group. Today we woke up at seven in the morning which was a nice break from waking up at five in the morning from the last couple of days. After we all got ready for the day and ate breakfast we began our seminar which was titled CAP 1: Discovery. During our seminar one of our trip coordinators, Judith, gave us all insight as to what we should expect when we went on our field trip to Escuela Divino Nino, or School of the Divine Child. Judith also explained to us that we should ask around the school as to what project we should build. While at the school we all passed around ideas as to what should be built and how we should go about building our projects. After, we came back to the hostel to eat lunch and began our next seminar titled CAP 2: Design. We all put in our final thoughts as to what should be done as a project for the school and what materials would be needed. Our group agreed that planting trees around the school, repairing the school’s desks, and painting a mural would have the top priority. We finished the day with English tutoring and closed it all up with our nightly meeting.



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