HEYYYYYYY GG friends and families!!!!!!!

IT’S MYANNA HERE!!!! 🙂 We started off Wednesday by waking up at 8:00 am to get ready for our Free Day. At 9 am, we arrived at Isabel’s for breakfast. For breakfast, we had kiwi, apples, strawberry yogurt, cereal, aromatic tea, and coffee. After we ate, we split up into groups of 5 to explore the city of Riobamba. One group bought sports equipment so they could play basketball at a local court, and another played volleyball. Other groups went to Red Square to buy gifts and souvenirs for themselves, friends, and families. For example, Devin bought new shoes, Wilsie bought a traditional poncho, and Saara brought surprise gifts for her parents. Other Glimpsers took a trip to Riobamba’s historic Central Train Station.

Switching up now, HEYYYY it’s Tanna! I had a great experience and I’m so excited to add on to Myanna’s story! For lunch, we met back at Isabel’s. We had shepherd’s pie with beef and a green salad with pickled pepper alongside a glass of pink lemonade. After we finished eating, we got back with our groups and continued on with our Free Day. My group went to get our nails done (keep it a secret). While getting our nails done, a professional nail tech business owner opened up about how she didn’t want to leave Riobamba to go out to the States due to financial issues. At 5 pm we had to officially meet back at the hotel. This meant that Free Day was technically over for all of us, and since my group and I stayed together, we only got this single activity done, but it’s okay because our nails ATE! We then came up to the cafeteria at the Rio Hotel and wrote our donor letters, which were very inspirational. We all walked back down to Isabel’s at 6 pm for dinner. There, we enjoyed pork chops, chicken, and rice, along with fig tea for the cold weather. We ended the night by dancing to La Maria Chun Chun for funsies. After we danced the night away, it was time to head back for our nightly meeting. During the meeting, the next Leaders of the Day performed their talents. Hailey showed an art portfolio and Jacci still followed the dancing spirit by wiggling her ear. We ended the night with some bonding time and went to bed at 10:00 pm.