Hi I’m Sean and today I was the leader or the day for “Beach Day”. We started off early and I had some trouble waking up the boys, but everyone made it to breakfast on time. We had a fantastic hour and a half bus ride to the beach with our ambassadors and amazing Dominican music. I honestly was the most fun day so far for me because everyone had so much fun and it was nice to see smiles on everyone’s faces. Not to mention the water was so clear I could see my whole body in waist high water!! You don’t get water like that in NY. At the nightly meeting everyone was so happy and said it was a great day.

Being leader of the day today was relatively easy today I was able to get everyone to listen and quiet down when I needed them to, and everyone cooperated with me when I kept reminding them of water and sunscreen. I kept everyone updated on what was going on and our time schedule. It was very interesting having to switch up my mentality from friend to leader because it was my friends that I would have to correct if I needed to be authoritative. A struggle that I had was not being too hard on myself if I did something wrong. I hope that the next time I have to lead it can be just as fun and special.

Today was very inspirational for me because I was able to have a very deep discussion with one of my teammates, Ron. We talked about life and he gave me really good advice. Sometimes you need a really good person in your life to help you. I was also very inspired by my GG leader Kerrlene because traveling has always been an aspiration of mine and she shared a lot of her travel experience with me, and really pushed me to not be scared and just take the lead into life.


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