Ello from Hostel San Jose! We started another great day by waking up at 6 am, proceeding to breakfast where we enjoyed yet another meal of gallopinto paired with scrambled eggs and white bread. Our first of multiple field trips was to La Escuela Especial (special education school). There we received a short and informative tour, followed by an interaction with students of various capabilities. Glimpsers spread amongst classrooms to support teachers as assistants. We were able to work with students who experience loss of sight and loss of hearing, among other disabilities. IMG_1965Glimpsers were able to experience how sweet and hard working the students are alongside teachers that are infatuated with what they do. Some students even got to  support the school by purchasing various authentic and creative pieces of art designed by students. After a heart warming opportunity to interact with students and teachers, we proceeded to have lunch- buffet style! [Editor’s Note: This was another activity where there were so many cute pictures I had to include a bunch.  See below.]

Soon after, we made our way to an undesignated bus stop which would lead us to another school, where we would shadow a high school student. We hectically cramped into the already crowded public bus. After, a short ride of being jostled around, we quickly exited the bus following Brayan’s explicit command: “When I say get off, YOU GET OFF.” Luckily we managed to get off the bus before it sped away again. As we approached the gates of the school, many of us felt as if it was our first day at a new school. IMG_1983With Niki aka our trip mom encouraging us, we entered the high school and were assigned to classrooms of juniors and seniors. In those classrooms, many of us were able to chat with Nicaraguan students and some even got to play heated games of Ultimate Ninja.IMG_1973 During our break, we became interviewers and interviewees asking and answering many questions about each others’ cultures and countries. After that exciting interaction, we headed back to the bus stop as it began to pour. As we rushed through the thunder storm back to the hostel, many students began to prepare for their nightly English tutoring, and others went to the local laundromat to pick up clean and folded laundry. Decked with clean clothes, we made our way to have dinner consisting of sandwiches, fries, and dragonfruit juice. IMG_1995Once everyone finished eating, we rushed to English tutoring classes, arriving with a few minutes to set up. After an exhausting hour and 45 minutes of teaching, we returned to the hostel where we enthusiastically prepared for our free day tomorrow!





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