Hello hello, my name is Adriana Diego and I’m a rising Senior at High School for Public Service! I’m very excited to meet the variety of perspectives and aspirations from students who will pursue me to further expand my goals. I love animals! I have my doggy Cody, who we adopted a couple of months ago. I’d taken care of dogs before but this is now my own I enjoy spending time with family, going out to different places for hiking, walking, and just enjoying our free time. I also like planting and picking up bottles and cans around my neighborhood to recycle and sell. Singing is one of the things I like doing to release stress and bring peace just like running in the morning does. In this past summer, I’ve been working on a research project with team members and I got to expand my knowledge and interests in health, the environment, and veterinary. I strongly want this trip not only for hands-on experience but also to build connections with people in the community!