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Hey, my name is Kiana Valette. Today on August 4, I was leader on of the day on The Fun Day. To begin the day I woke up at 6:30 am to get ready for the day. We went to Las Cuevas de Pulmier and we were excited to start the day! At cave number one we walked through the whole cave and learned about the past of the Taino people and other indigenous cultures. Once the group finished the tour in the first cave the rest of the group continued on the second cave while Jason and I stayed behind. Even though I was scared of the dark and Jason had trouble hiking we tried our best at first to do the activities. I am very proud that we pushed ourselves.

Once the rest of the group finished the tour of the second cave we went to lunch. After sitting outside and having lunch we got back on the bus and drove twenty minutes to a place called La Toma. In La Toma the group got in the river and we had lots of fun. The experience at the river was something new to many people in the group as there are not many rivers in New York. After spending two and a half hours at the river we drove back to the Ranch. We then had free time at the pool and had the chance to bond by doing cannon balls and playing Marco Polo.

I was very happy to help the GG leaders keep everyone together and making sure that everything ran smoothly. I also enjoyed being able to keep everyone in check and being able to have fun with the group while leading them. I enjoyed being leader of the day most of all because I have very strong leadership skills and I love sharing those skills with my peers. One of my biggest difficulties was trying to get the group to remain silent at certain times because they tend to talk a lot at the wrong times.

Last I would like to give a special shout out to my mother because she plays a huge role in my life and helped me build these skills.

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