Do you like waking up with music? Well, guess what? That’s exactly how the Glimpsers were woken up today by two outstanding and astonishing Leaders of the Day, Edwin and Guillermo, at 7 am on the DOT, with the help of a PC (Program Coordinator), Daniel. We got hold of a speaker, which was provided by Daniel, and began to wake up the Glimpsers to the song “El Farolito” by Dominican singer, Juan Luis Guerra. After the wake-up call, we ate breakfast, which was cereal with fruit salad on the side. The day consisted of deconstructing poverty which meant that after breakfast and a quick mental warm-up meeting we headed to a landfill where people were hard at work looking for plastics, cans, and cardboard just to earn a peso or two for each find. Understanding the way of life these people had to live through was heartbreaking but eye-opening to not only the Glimpsers but also the leaders. After the Landfill, we headed back to the hotel with a new perspective on life. We had a self-reflection meeting where we talked about what we saw and why it hasn’t changed even though it is an issue. Then we had lunch, chili with rice, which was REALLY delicious. After lunch, we had another mental warm-up meeting and headed to a school called “CICAINI” where “Jacin”(the principal) explained the history of the school and the main purpose for why it was built.

Daniel and Mabel our wonderful PCs took the glimpsers on a hike in which we saw some animals and a wonderful view.

We took many pictures and played football and volleyball with some of the kids. Our driver Rudy took us back to our hotel and we had the 2nd phase of our CAP seminar which was the design phase. After we had dinner which was hot dogs and the optional topping were shredded cabbage, corn, and relish with the usual ketchup, mayo, and mustard. After dinner, we had our nightly meeting to summarize our day and greet the new LDD (Lideres Del Dia).