When we left the airport, we had no idea what to expect. It didn’t even take a full step outside of the Aeropuerto Internacional Augusto C. Sandino in Managua for us to realize that we weren’t in Kansas anymore. The air was thick and humid… but that wasn’t the reason why our welcome was so warm.

It was the smiles of our program coordinators Carrie and Camila that greeted us warmly. Along with other Global Glimpse staff that were at the airport, Carrie and Camila gifted us all with a bracelet that read, “Bárbaro.” We weren’t just the Global Glimpse L1B delegation, we were Equipo Bárbaro! Team Awesome! This would set the tone for the rest of the day.

Despite the challenges of the heat, sleep deprivation, and uneven pavement, Team Awesome had an amazing introduction to what it means to be a Glimpser. We’re super excited about the upcoming days and hope that you’ll join us on this journey by commenting below.

Picture close up!