Hola! Today was such an incredibly busy, compact and stressful day. Its ironic because today is Free Day and the notion that comes with that name/day is relaxation, ease and comfort. Nonetheless’, we, like always, made the most out of the experience. We as a community, and as a group learned that we can accomplish practically anything if we have the means to do so. We also learned that there are resources and assets all around us, even from people we would expect it the least from. Hence, the saying “the closed mouth does not get fed.”

The budget was the biggest thing we were thinking about because we overestimated it so high that I was afraid we would run out of money for our Community Action Project in Dios Dirá. Come to find out we had only spent twelve thousand pesos on most of the materials that we needed for the completion of our project. With the leftover money we finished shopping for sports supplies and miscellaneous parts from La Sirena superstore in San Cristobal.

We are immensely proud of our peers for helping purchase most of the materials at the hardware store. Their abilities to speak Spanish and translate it into English was a big help during the communication processes. Our peers responded quickly to calls and they emphasized the Three Words of The Day, “Compartir“, “Divertido“, and “Seguridad” throughout all of our daily activities. The compassion was real!

Ben: ” What I learned about myself is that being Líder Del Día can be stressful, but also fun to be in charge of the day.”

Josiah: ” Today I learned that being a leader requires more responsibility than I thought it would in these circumstances. Being a leader is nothing foreign to me, but the role of leadership here on our Global Glimpse trip means more than just power and control. It means that I must show courage even in the most uncomfortable and uneasy moments; I must be compassionate toward the people that I care about and the people that I am leading. Lastly, I must be committed to the job that I volunteered to do because I know how much of a huge impact it can have on the group.”


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