Today things started to pick up on our second day of the CAP project, We finished one wall with a mural, started making progress on another wall, and completed the beds for the flowers and plants to lay in. Everyone worked hard to get things done. The people in the garden had the harder job because they were digging for hours in the sun in order to plant the flower beds. During the process of making the signs that would serve as labels for the plants, some kids from the school decided to help. This one boy who was 14 years old helped saw a piece of wood and did it way faster than any of us could, putting us to shame. They showed great commitment to the project. Not to say that painting the mural was any less difficult. We have some amazing artists in this group which made getting the mural complete way easier.

As we were winding down I was searching for good mangoes in the trees but all the good ones were high in the trees. So Anardo and Angie helped me by climbing up some trees to reach them. They both got mangoes but Angie was the most impressive because she got 3 really great mangoes from one tall tree. It was amazing! I think that by the end of this day everyone was exhausted but happy with the work we completed.