As leaders of day the we had to wake up at 5 am to get ready, and wake everyone else up by 7 am in time for breakfast.  For breakfast we had some Dominican scrambled eggs with toast accompanied by peanut butter, jelly, and butter on the side. As soon as we finished breakfast, the group was split in to two, and got on the safari, and headed on our way to the waterfall known as ” Aquas Blancas”. During the car trip, many of us enjoyed great scenery, and views that were very refreshing. Before reaching our destination at the waterfalls, we stopped at a short distance away from the waterfall, and took a quick hike so the group could enjoy different perspectives of the waterfall, and take pictures as they wished. After that, we headed straight for the waterfalls, and changed into our bathing suits. We took turns going into the water, and enjoyed the awesome experience. Aside from that we also took pictures of one another again. After spending sometime in the cold, but beautiful water, we left back for the hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel, we quickly gathered our things, and packed our lunch and headed to the Divino nino. There, we ate packed lunch which was beans with rice, beef, and boiled vegetables. After a wonderful meal, we hiked for another 10 minutes up to the monument where we bought gifts for our loved ones, and listened to an influential speech by Antonio a two time cancer survivor, and the monument owner. After the speech, we took pictures on the on the monument, and once again enjoyed the beautiful view of Constanza. Many of felt touched by the presence of  Divino Nino. Next, we came back to the hotel, and prepared for tutoring classes. We had a delightful time teaching kids, and exchanging knowledge. At the end of the day we learned many valuable lessons, one that stood out was understanding the importance of sustainable tourism. Although there are many challenges to sustainable tourism, it creates many benefits for the community, and country itself, that it should be widely valued by.