Hey guys Jozel here!

Today was adventure fun day! We had a great day overall. We are officially halfway through our trip! Kind of a bittersweet moment. We have all grown so close in such a short period of time. Making connections here that we will cherish for a lifetime. Also coming out of this experience with seeing so much. Today for adventure fun day we woke up, had a nice breakfast and proceeded to head to the beach. At the beach we had a beautiful view! We went in the water and some of us decided to collect rocks. Some of us played in the sand for a little bit. We played volleyball and spud! Unfortunately I lost spud 🙁 but it was still a great game.

We then left the beach and went back to our beach house where we decided the party should continue and we had a dip in the pool! The pool was so nice and relaxing. We did cannonballs and jumped in different poses (cheerleader, driving, meditating, etc). After the dip in the pool we had lunch which was really great! Almost everyone went back for seconds. We then packed to come back to Jaradacoa. Even though we didn’t want to leave the beautiful beach house. It was a long 5 hour drive on the road! But we slept and had snacks so it wasn’t so bad. After we came back to the hostel we started working on our CAP project. We brainstormed ways to help the community. We all bounced really great ideas off of each other and we can’t wait to start our CAP project to help those in need. We are currently trying to help a community in need of more water. So our CAP project design is going to be based on trying to find efficient ways to bring water to these families in need.


After we finished brainstorming for the day we had a great dinner followed by nightly meeting where I passed my torch onto the next LDD’s for tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings for us! We all had a great fun day!