Our long awaited ´´Adventure Fun Day´´ finally came today. The group went on a two hour drive (which was worth it) to ´´Los 27 Charcos´´ or the 27 pools. Everyone got out of their comfort zone and experienced something truly wild. Basically the place we went to was a nature made waterpark which required a half an hour heavy climb which led to a bunch of fun nature made water slides and jumps on the way down.
Today was a different day where no additional people met or contributed, it was an all delegation day. This difference turned out to be great as everyone demonstrated the three C´s flawlessly. Everyone kept each other´s different needs, comfortability, and boundaries in mind. A big thing today was encouragement which created a healthy social group environment. As leader of the day I took on the challenge to jump or throw myself first without knowing what I was getting myself into, yet I felt that it was a step to take as none of us really knew, so I wanted to give that assurance to others. With the help of the park’s staff and our wonderful PC’s and GGL safety always came first as we wore helmets and safety vests, and I am proud to say no big accidents occurred and we all came back to La Fundacion in one piece.
All in all, today was a special delegation bonding day were we each got to know about each other just a little bit more all while following the three C’s (courage, compassion, commitment). Everyone was reminded exactly why they were here and chosen to be into this delegation despite all our great differences. The fact that we only have five days left is bittersweet as I can personally say I have grown fond of the Dominican lifestyle and everyone and everything that comes with it. But to all the families and friends desperately waiting for our arrival stay put you are in our hearts every day and we will all come back as different, bigger, stronger persons.

p.s: ama, apa, y valeria los extaÑo y los quiero. No se olviden de recogerme! Animo!