July 1st 2019 Adventure/ Fun day

The day started off with a music section and bright smiles on everyone’s faces. The bond that we have formed with one another is truly incredible. Today we had the opportunity to take a trip to Saltos de Jima, and hike up to one of the 22 waterfalls nature reserve. But before we headed up for the hike we had a few team bonding activities such as tug of war, spoon egg racing, and capture the flag that we played with the ambassadors and a few community members. On our way up we had the pleasure to experience the beauty of the natural reserve and all it had to offer. From all of the greenery to the sound of the water splashing against the massive rocks. As soon as we arrived at the waterfall all of the Glimpsers faces lit up including ours. We jumped in the cold refreshing water with no hesitation. From diving in the water to laying on rocks soaking up the sun. Words can’t describe how beautiful it was to be swimming in some of the clearest water some of us have ever seen before. We then headed back to our accommodations where we then prepared for our English tutoring class. The gears switched so fast from fun and goofy to serious and determined.

With it being the second time for us Glimpsers to teach English, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was only our second time. The passion these kids have for learning English is unbelievable. In a regular English class day in the Dominican Republic, you hear people shouting out English words, playing games, creating their own sentences, writing a letter to their teacher, etc. The teaching experience that these Glimpsers have been experiencing can’t be put into words because of the powerful impact their teaching skills have had on their students. A simple prize like a lollipop that’s achieved by the students makes them feel proud of their progress and gets them one step closer to their end goal. The ambassadors have been and continue to be a huge support system for the Glimpsers in making this trip much more memorable.