Hi again,

We started a dope as heck day by having a good ride to Las Cuevas antiguas de Cacibagua del Pomier. Las Cuevas were first inhabitanted by the Taino tribe that lived
throughout the Carribbean before colonial times. In the caves we saw the Tainos drawings which protrayed how life was like before the colonials. At the cave we saw some amazing
beasts such as frogs the size of our fingernails, bats the size of our feet, and spiders with legs as long as our fingers. While in the silent yet majestic cave one of peers… Xavier,
distrubed one of the caves humble occupants which was a very dark, green, silmy, frog which he reacted to with a very exuberant response. We also got the chance to expirence
complete darkness and silence inside the caves that is vital to realizations of vital people.

After our amazing cave adventure at Cacibagua del Pomier we went to the beach. At the beach we were able to purachse and acknowledge the beauty and
craftsmanship of the exclusive Dominican stone called the Larimar. Then after we ate a taste but quenching lunch of some pollo frito con papas francesas y katsup. When we finished
our delicious lunch by the ocean we took a dip in the serene carribbean sea. During our stay at the beach we got to swim, spash and dunk eachother in the ocean under the hot
tropical sun. After an awesome 3 hours in the beach we got into the the van to get back to our dorms. When we got back we prepared for our big presentaion for our Commmunity
Action Project for tomorrow, which will be explained in our future blogs. Then we had a dinner that signified the end of the day.

Cristian Navarro and Abraham Oleta

P.S. We’ll see you when we see you! – A.O.
P.S. Adios Familia – C.N.