Hey friends and family, its Clayton Asai and Stephanie Buenrostro, Leaders del dia for Aid and Development day!

Today, we had the pleasure of listening to volunteers from Peace Corps, they came in to explain to us how serving a developing country is ideal in development. The volunteers consisted of Alice Ardito, Daniel Rosen, and Miles Malbrough. They have been part of Peace Corps since 2016, Peace Corps has been sending volunteers to the DR since 1966. All volunteers joined to live abroad and experience a different culture. Having the volunteers come in made the group think of more ways on how we can contribute to make a change in our world.

Another thing we worked on today, was our CAP (Community Action Project), we planned out what materials we would need in order to start serving the community Arroyo Loro. We have planned on fixing the fence, adding cement to the basketball court, and fixing the roof of one of the classrooms. Before making our final decision we had to create a panel and present it to members of the Padres y Amigos organization de La escuela Julian Vargas. We wanted to hear their opinion before getting the supplies because we are serving them and their needs. Before starting to give aid we need to identify what we can do to give the people what they want. We will work on our project both Tuesday and Wednesday. Being able to fix the schools infrastructure will allow us to give back to the community that opened their doors to us to help us understand the Dominican culture and its people. Helping the school would allow the students to have a better learning environment and would let them know that there is people out there that genuinely care about their success.

After delivering our panel, we started writing appreciation letters to the contributors who made this trip possible for all the Glimpsers. The letters are to show to gratitude for the culture and experiences we have been exposed to. The letters are also to show how we have changed our perspectives regardeing globalization and how we can take what we have learned back home. We hope they like the letters!


Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For Clayton’s family: I miss you guys so much

For Steph’s family: I can’t wait to see you guys on Friday!!!




















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