After our usual wake-up time  – 7 am – we ate a hefty oatmeal breakfast. Then we proceeded to do our mental warm-up up where we discussed aid and multiple types of development. We then took a short bus ride to the local community center where our leader Ruth discussed more about aid and development, along with showing us photos of previous projects done in the DR such as helping build a basketball court and a school.   Then we walked to the supermarket to purchase local snacks. They were delicious!  We had a healthy chicken and rice lunch. Afterward, we took a bus ride through the mountains to visit the community where we’ll be finishing the third and final phase of the community center. We met with the president of the local community to ask questions and introduce ourselves to some local children and residents. It was great to meet them face to face.

Following this we went to a local store to purchase watches. Then we began a seminar to determine some final design details for our project.. We also decided on groups and shifts that’ll be worked to complete the community center. The materials needed for the center are cement, wood, rocks, and water.  We are excited to be getting gritty working construction,  This will be a first for many of us!  The seminar was a great success so we followed with an amazing fried eggs and mashed potatoes dinner. Then we had our regular nightly routine with the nightly meeting when we reviewed the day and passed the torch to our next leaders. They’ll be leading our free day tomorrow!