As a proud member of the last Dominican Republic, Bonao trip, I have very exciting news about our stay so far. It has been the earliest wakeup time recording at 6:30 am for our aid and development day. We then continued with Desayuno. We learned the difference between what it means to positively and negatively “assist” a developing country in our Aid & Development academic seminar. After our seminar we took the bus or as the Dominicans call it the”guagua” to La Federacion De Campisinos. GG_Bonao27Day6-59

We received a very warm welcome by our guest speaker, president and co-founder of the Federacíon, Esteban Polanco. He is pictured above in a purple polo. Sr.Esteban was one of our many motivational speakers. He taught us what it meant to become part of a “solution” instead of being complacent and contributing to a “problem.” Through many anecdotes, personal life experiences, and determination to change, he persevered through setbacks that continuously presented themselves in the journey of La Federacion and it’s fight to gain a voice in the decisions made in la cueneca (mountain range). As I can now personally say he is quite the conversationalist, with each and everyone of us engaged and attentive.


Moises is here showing our lovely group one of the many solutions La Federacion has developed to gain income. Moises is torching bamboo that gives the bamboo different shades and makes it more malleable for furniture making. GG_Bonao27Day6-78

We were then given a tour that explains the many needs that La Federacion would like our delegation to fulfill through our Community Action Project. Below are our members talking to hopeful locals that want their project to be chosen.  GG_Bonao27Day6-118 GG_Bonao27Day6-119 GG_Bonao27Day6-126 GG_Bonao27Day6-130  Our esteemed speaker Esteban and one of our in country staff Marcos Martinez, our respected and outspoken leader.

Our eventful day was coming close to an end with bonding time between our delegation and our student ambassadors through sports and listening to music. Finally we had our long awaited cena made by our lovely chef Licelot. Who made a gigantic impact in our diet and as well as expanding our minds and hearts in talking about upcoming major life decisions, such as college applications and career choices.

Thanks and shoutout to my momma, sisters and family, mucho amor de la Republica Dominicana

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