Todaywe learned about the positive and negative effects of aid and development in developing counties.  Something that I hadn’t thought about previously was the fact that giving free items, such as clothes or food, to people in  developing countries can negatively effect the economy through the lack of sale of similar items made by that country.  It is important to think about all of the outcomes that your choices can inhibit, because often times there are unseen ramifications.  We also visited a school for Special Education Students today.  This school is where we will be doing our community action project.  We toured the school and asked questions to try to find the most pertinent needs to focus on for our project. Something that struck me was the condition of the bathroom. The unclean and damaged conditions make it extremely difficult for its use by the students who are blind, as well as being a burden to all students in general.  One thing that I found surprising was that this is the only special education facility in Leon.  I am really proud of everyone in our delegation for giving the tour their complete attention and really caring about the cause of the Special Education Children.   I found the administrator of the school extremely inspiring because  she gives so much of her time and energy toward the students and she really cares about what she does.  She is really motivated and she wants to see great improvements for the benefit of her students.  Being El Lider Del Dia today was a lot of responsibility, but I took things as they came to me and tried to plan ahead as much as possible.  At some points I was a little nervous and stressed out, but I got through it and kept everyone on track as much as possible.  This experience made me realize that I like things to be organized but I can also tae spontaneous initiative. I enjoyed taking care of others, especially making sure everyone kept hydrated.  I am excited to relax at the beach during our fun day tomorrow after a long day of responsibilities.image