123Hi! My name is Abiodun Omotayo. Today my group and I focused on Aid and Development. We had visitors from Surfuturo, which is a non-profit organization that aids communities in the Dominican Republic. They work with local schools and community members to focus on educational development. We visited the Escuela de Najayo to speak with the locals and find out the issues with the school. The information we received will help us with our community action project which we will implement the last two days of the program.

Being leader of the day was a bit of a challenge for me. I had a certain relationship with my peers, and being on the leader side made me a bit uneasy. I was outside of my comfort zone. However, I persevered with the help of my Global Glimpse leaders. I’m hoping this experience will teach me how to be a better leader and I intend to use these skills throughout my life. I want to give thanks to the people that are supporting me on this trip.