Every day in Matagalpa is a new experience, a new challenge and a new lesson. I am constantly blown away by the different things I witness. Today was no different.  Ironically, it was an enlightening day, in which I learned a lot about myself from the very students I was tasked with teaching.  Let me walk you through what happened throughout the day.

DSC08804Today was another enjoyable day where we were faced with challenges and different entertaining activities. We woke up at 7:oo AM and got ready by 8:00 for delicious breakfast (AS ALWAYS). To start of the day with passion and energy we played a little game called Ninja. Following that brief and fun energizer we were given personal time to write letters to the people that helped make this trip possible for us. Everyone was engaged and focused during that time because the generosity and kindness of the people really meant a lot to us.  They were keen in creating a bright and a better future.

DSC08814After that activity, we hopped on the bus and headed to a place called “Los Pipitos”  which is an organization that helps educate kids with special needs at an early age. After our arrival, a generous lady named Diana Yadira took the time to explain how the organization worked and why it was important to the people of the community to keep the program running. We learned a lot about the organization’s values and the importance of it’s existence. We were given time to play with the kids and just put a smile on their faces. It became a mutual thing as they too put smiles and our faces and made us feel appreciative of where we came from and who we are as a person. We gave the kids snacks and just enjoyed our time together. Finally as sign of appreciation and support we presented a gift to Ms. Diana Yadira who not only runs the program but also plays a huge role in creating a safe environment for the kids. We said our goodbyes to the lovely people we met there and then drove back to the hostel. The rest of the day was a pretty chill day as we didn’t have a lot to do besides tutor students; which unfortunately got cancelled due to an activity the school had which was not to our knowledge until arriving in the school. As usual we shared our big loves, exchanged some of the some pluses and wishes.

I am very proud of myself to be a “Glimpser” for it means to me a student who has gone through different challenges, who has witnessed a different culture, and a person who is committed to rising up to a whatever challenge is presented. It is a huge step in developing my future adult self and being part of Global Glimpse has pushed me to be one of the many influential leaders of the upcoming generation.


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