Today marks the ninth day I have been in the Dominican Republic with Global Glimpse. Being the leader of the day gave me many responsibilities. In the morning was a very rough start to it, because my friends were being very loud in the morning waking up some residents living in the hotel. This made me feel as if I had already failed my mission of being leader and caused me to question my role. Soon afterwards I was reassured that this did not reflect upon me as leader since I was not awake yet. I then understood that it was simply the beginning but I knew that I could be a great leader.

Today’s topic was about aid and development and how it can either positively or negatively affect a country. We as a group discussed how even good intentions can lead to little to no resolution of the real situation happening in any country. The speaker that visited us today was Wilkins Adams, Director of the orphanage, Vida para los Niños. I placed all of my focus onto him as I learned of the reasons of why he created the orphanage and what he would like us to do for our CAP project. I was very touched from what he had said and I wish to become a role model like him.

Later, we went to Vida para los Niños for the Discover stage of our Community Action Project. We discussed ideas of what they want to us do for them. For the first time in forever, I went down a slide on their playground (Even though we would have to work on our project for them, it’s always nice to have some fun while doing it.)! Janelle and Joshua were great translators, and Victory was very enthusiastic of what she wanted to do for them. Afterwards, we came back and had our free time. I was grouped with Carol, Carolina and Julia. We went to many stores including an ice cream parlor. Soon we came back and made preparations for our English classes that we will be teaching tomorrow. During this experience, I learned to not give up so easily and always be confident in my abilities to lead others in the future when I am given a big responsibility.

Love you Mom! I’ll see you soon! =)


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