Dear Family and Friends,

We are the first student leaders of the day for this trip. Today our group visited La Federación de Los Campesinos. We went on a tour visiting various areas including its unique greenhouse, which was built by past Glimpsers. Another area that stood out to us was the all-natural coffee plantation. We were even allowed to purchase a bag of this organic coffee. Next, they welcomed us with great hospitality and lunch, cooking a  meal with home-grown ingredients. After lunch, the group met the founder of the foundation, Esteban Polanco. He shared his life story about his fight for the foundation and his motive for building it along with some ideas that inspired us to think more about the relationship between the community and its people. After that, we rode back and began preparing for our English tutoring classes. We wrapped the day with our amazing cook’s, Licelot’s, dinner. Today, the group learned a lot about the development of a community that impacted the Dominicans. We can’t wait to learn more tomorrow.

Till next time!