Hi, everyone!

We’re the leaders of the day, Anaelle and Jonathan. Today we started off our day early in the morning a little after seven, we freshened up before all of the other Glimpsers. Once eight o clock came around, we woke up everyone else so they could begin to get ready as well. Then, once everyone was all ready to go, we played some energizing games to lift our moods and get our brains ready for the day! It was a little challenging to get everyone fully involved because we were somewhat exhausted from the previous day. But once we introduced our dancing game, everyone was up on their feet ready to move! Breakfast was served at 9, a delicious meal that consisted of noodle soup with veggies and fruit. After breakfast, we had a seminar to discuss our Community Action Project (CAP), and narrowed our choices to an informational pamphlet on Cuevas del Pomier and building a Taino hut. We discovered that planning is actually more difficult than we imagined once you bring in cost, necessity, feasibility, and sustainability to create an Impact in the community. After some intense community preparation, we had lunch which: included salad, white rice and fried rice, plantains, and eggplant meatballs. Yum! After lunch, we had some free time. A couple of us took advantage of this to take a nap and others took this time to freshen up or play card games.

Youth from a literature group called FLAM visited us to talk about their goals and inspirations in regards to poetry. It was very heartwarming getting to know how writing poetry can improve lives and how we express ourselves. Jonathan and I were in the same group, and found that writing poetry did not come naturally to us, but we managed to come up with some interesting verses. We even got the chance to create our own beautiful poetry, with a mix of English and Spanish. After our little poetry slam, we got down to business and discussed our Community Action Project with FLAM, one of our CAP partners. Then, at 6 we ate dinner, which was salad, spaghetti, and tostones. After a satisfying meal, we did our daily nightly meeting and passed the torch to the next Leaders of the Day! Overall, it was a day full of relaxation, inspiration, and coming out of our comfort zones to express our thoughts and goals. Good night everyone!!

Peace out,

Anaelle y Jonathan