Today we visited Barrio Las Flores, a community in Constanza, and talked to Juanjo Castillo, one of the founding members of Cristo el Rey, a nonprofit program dedicated to keeping kids off the streets through softball and bible study. While there, we played a softball match with the members of the youth group and then went to talk to some community members in order to get a better idea of what the community needed for our service projects. For many it was hard to see some of the harsh conditions the members faced everyday such as the dangerous walkways and falling roofs. It taught us that we should never take what we have for granted because it is a privilege and many others are not given the same luxury. Juanjo Castillo inspired us due to his tenacity and love for his community. He dedicated his life to making sure the youth had a safe place and a path that could open doors for them without even asking for a single thing in exchange. After that we came back to the Hostel and had lunch before finishing the day off with a successful day 2 of English tutoring. As today’s Lider Del Dia I was very glad to be able to assume a position of responsibility and gain a new perspective with my group mates. During the nightly meeting I passed the baton to Josue who will be tomorrow’s Lider del Dia.